Simple Tips on how to Save Money on Electricity

By on 2-23-2017 in Business

You know how most people, when they visit someone else’s home, take a furtive look to see what kinds of stuff they have, fearful that may be they have better stuff? Well, those who have different kinds of interests – say, those who are really interested in finding ways to save money on electricity or anything else – these kinds of people, when they visit another person’s house, are likely to find an excuse to look at their utility meters and then at their large screen TV or anything. They try to see how fast their electricity meter seems to be running. If they can, they like to take a look at their meter readings as well.
If they find that a friend is using less energy than them, they feel shown up. And they do everything in their power to become even stingier to save money on electricity like never before. If you’re already quite careful, you might wonder how you could possibly save money on electricity any more than you do already. Well, just looking at average savings for every appliance in your house or every function that you need electricity for in your house should help.
For instance, if you want cool your house, using only fans instead of air-conditioning can save you $500 a year. Turning off your central heating and using space heaters instead can save you $1000 a year. Turn the hot water function off on your washing machine and that’s off $200 a year. Line-dry your clothes instead of using a dryer, and that’s another $200 a year saved. And most surprisingly, merely to turn your computer off or to put it to sleep when you’re not using it will save you exactly the same – $200 a year.
All of this of course tells right away what to do to save money on electricity. It tells you what you don’t have to give up on. You don’t have to worry about the radio, your hair straightener and so on. You need to go after the big sources of expenditure. If you’re curious about how much you can save on any given piece of equipment, all you need to do is buy something like a kill-a-watt electricity meter. You just plug it into an outlet, and plug the appliance into the kill-a-watt. It’ll tell you exactly how much energy that appliance is consuming. When you’re heating your home, use a programmable thermostat. If you actually learn to use one of these properly, it will make sure that you don’t heat your home any more than you they need to. At MES power, we can supply, fit and maintain a range of energy saving systems like these.
If you just want to turn your electricity savings project over to the experts, call one of the free nonprofit organizations in your area to do this for you. They’ll come in, take a look at how much everything is consuming, and they will make suggestions.