A woman may not need to be fully emotionally attached

By on 3-23-2017 in Art

A woman may not need to be fully emotionally attached to you to get there, but she does need to feel like you can handle whatever comes out of her. The clitoris is no great emotional release. These other deeper internal orgasms are a great release and so they require more of you, and more of the woman. The G-Spot trajectory The G-Spot trajectory is different than the clitoris. This is one thing that all people need to understand is that it doesn’t look like or feel like a clitoral orgasm. I’ve often talked to people and they’re like, “Oh, well, maybe I have had a clitoral orgasm because everything you’re describing sounds like a G-Spot orgasm,” except that they were so associating something more connected to the clitoral experience that they missed it or just didn’t know. The clitoral orgasm and the penile orgasm have a very similar pathway, where you have this ascent, you get to this peak with its intense pelvic contractions, and then there’s a descent in energy. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/why-x4-labs-extender-works/ and http://alphaguys.weebly.com/x4-labs.html

The experience that you have when you’re practicing the breathing and you expand your orgasm as a man is much more like the experience of a typical G-Spot orgasm, where you have much more of this rolling hill experience. Instead of this very delineated rise, peak, descent, it’s more like you build, you plateau, you build, you plateau, you build, you have an orgasm, you build, you have another orgasm, they just keep coming. The whole experience of orgasm changes for the woman in the clitoral versus the G-Spot just the way it does for you. This is very analogous here between your typical penile orgasm or your more tantric style breathing expanded orgasm. The same parallel exists between the two. The G-Spot experience The male and female G-Spot actually have a lot in common. Both are located about one to three inches internally and the PSA (male prostate pacific antigen) is also found in the female ejaculate that’s produced through G-Spot orgasm. So we find the PSA within the prostate gland in the man and we find it in the fluid that’s emitted through ejaculation in the woman. Both of them act as sensation amplifiers, with a little bit of G-Spot stimulation, you just up the whole ante and you increase your pleasure. Both require a deep level of surrender and it can be especially vulnerable for a man to be stimulated anally. We go from the outside with the penis and the clitoris and now we go inside to the G-Spot in the man and the G-Spot in the woman. This can also be very erotic for a man, this idea of letting go, this doubly-intense idea of having to confront any anal demons that you might have, then the feeling of being penetrated by your woman. You’re on the receiving end more so than you are on the giving end. A note on anal play, it’s very powerful, and very therapeutic and super unwinding. We store all kinds of tension in the ass. The ass is really our place of unresolved shit that we don’t process and fully let go of and that’s why we even have this term “tight asses” in our culture because people are holding on to stuff. We think about these people as being like super uptight and tense and that they’re maybe really quick to criticize or to be irritated with things. By stimulating the ass you can help to open these things up to release things, to let them go. A little anal prodding now and then is good for all of us, for many reasons. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-way-of-superior-man.html